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10 Memorable Moments of 2006

"A show doesn’t have to be among the year’s 10 best to supply a wonderfully memorable moment. Here are ten moments that stick in my mind when recalling the plays and musicals and special performances of 2006.

Roosevelt Andre Credit pulling a Shirley MacLaine at Scott Siegel’s Jerome Kern tribute at Town Hall. Filling in on a few hours notice, Credit delivered a brilliantly detailed performance of “Ol’ Man River” with both great power and great subtlety, tremendously nuanced and indelibly memorable. How do you remember his name? “It’s Roosevelt like the president, Andre like the giant and Credit like give me some.” "
            - Michael Dale,


A Town Hall presentation of the Broadway Cabaret Festival

A Tribute To
Jerome Kern

"The surprising finale turned out to be one of those theatrical moments that live on in memory. At mid-afternoon, Roosevelt Andre Credit was summoned to perform and hurried to Town Hall for a sound check.
Credit's great earthy voice boomed out the riverboat classic from "Show Boat" with a fervent and compelling sense of storytelling. Credit made a thrilling statement that brought the cheering audience to its feet."
            - Robert L. Daniels, Variety

"It was a performance with both great power and great subtlety, tremendously nuanced and indelibly memorable. Credit was thanked with the most spontaneous standing and cheering ovation I’ve ever seen. The night after the New York Mets were eliminated from baseball’s playoffs because they couldn’t get that one clutch hit, Roosevelt Andre Credit smacked one clear out of the park."
            - Michael Dale,

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"But there was an exhilarating topper...Roosevelt André Credit came through with but a few hours notice and rocked Town Hall with his rousing, magnificent interpretation and powerful voice. He had people talking all weekend about how great he was."
            - William Wolf,